East Coast Earthquake and Social Media

Yesterday the East Coast experienced its first Earthquake…well the first Quake we could actually feel. I must admit it took me a second to realize what was going on for a number of reasons;

  1. I was actually on the phone with a potential client at the time.
  2. I once spent the majority of my time in a city

For more thoughts about the Quake, keep reading…

With all of the negative press surrounding Social Media due to a number of people utilizing the medium to orchestrate acts of violence and civil unrest; it was refreshing to see it was the one thing we could rely on to reach out to friends and family. A number of carriers lost phone service or simply could not handle the influx of people trying to reach out to the important people in their lives.

However, if you happened to be in the Social Media loop you knew you could take to Twitter or Facebook to contact those nearest and dearest to you.

Once the shock of the Earthquake subsided, the ongoing joke was this:

“So now we know in an emergency, all we will have is Twitter and Facebook.”

The few people with the ability to use the phones flooded 911 trying to figure out what happened, if you had a Twitter account there was no need to make that call.



For those of you still  against Social Media, you may rethink the possible benefits it has for your organization or your personal life.

Bonus: here is footage provided by 6abc in Philadelphia of the Philadelphia Eagles in their locker room during the Quake.


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