Thank You For Stopping By, Here is My First Post!

I was asked to create a press release for myself.

While I honestly think this the epitome of vain, I did what was requested and came up with this gem.

C. Shonda Woods

Phone (484) 540-0560

Fax (501) 635-2220

Press Release

Contact: C. Shonda Woods 

Phone: (484) 540-0560


9 A.M. EDT,  2011

Highly determined and creative media writer and producer now available

Philadelphia, pa, april 14, 2011:  After much anticipation, the much sought after media writer and producer C. Shonda Woods is now available for new career opportunities and freelance projects. This well known “stress junkie” has a wealth of experience and a wide range of talents which could be of benefit to any organization on the East Coast (or anywhere thanks to telecommuting), looking for ways to effectively create and distribute online, radio, film or video products to enhance their presence in the public eye.

Ever the ecstatic communications guru, Ms. Woods has assisted a number of non-profit and for profit organizations obtain revenue, gain exposure, increase awareness amongst the general population, and increased sales margins or fundraising goals. There is not a problem too large for her to tackle, and her wide range of experiences in numerous departments in various sectors offers her the ability to view numerous angles to just about any project placed in front of her eyes. Her never quit attitude has contributed to a number of successful partnerships and media campaigns. She even knows how to tweet a facebooker while staying linkedin to the youtubers of the world, and will follow up with her own newly created website detailing the impressions the adventure made online.

Act fast otherwise you just may miss her, ever the loyal employee Ms. Woods is always out searching for a great experience to turn into a marketing tool for her company.

Feel free to reach out to her if you are interested in an employee that values her company as much as she does technology, unless she reaches out to you first!

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