How To Land The Job You Want

No matter what career stage you are in; at some point you are going to compete for a job. Many people have inquired as to how to go about landing the job you want. The new year is around the corner and companies are looking for new talent.

Personally I am happy in my current position and have not placed myself on the market for some time now; however I have received responses to inquiries placed months ago. If you are searching for a job now is the perfect time to apply. Companies are lining up new candidates for jobs they created a budget for to start off the new year with new talent.

Now that you have decided to apply how do you ensure you will land the position you want?

  1. Write your resume tailored to the job you want- many people go out and hire someone to write their resume for them. You are the person best suited for that task. Only you know your skill set and the details of your experience. 
  2. Write a cover letter tailored to the job you want- many people make the choice to add their objective to their resume; what you want and what you offer should be covered in your cover letter. You resume is a summary of your experience.  The cover letter is your sales pitch. Make your cover letter pop. 
  3. Research the company you are applying to- many people forget the hiring process is a two way street. You have to be sold on working for the company the same way they have to be sold on hiring you. If you do land an interview; knowing about the company shows you can research and take initiative.
  4. Stay positive – We pass over so many people due to how they come across over the phone. Some positions you apply for may require proof of qualification. If you are asked for information; do not display a difficult disposition. If you are difficult while applying for the job, you show any potential future employer you could be a problem employee.

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