Protect Yourself on the Net

With so many people becoming victims of internet bullying, how can you be sure not to become a victim?

No matter how careful you are on the net, there is always a way to have what you put up come back to haunt you. Take the following steps:

  1. Be sure to mean what you post: Even if you delete a Tweet, Note, or Entry it is still on the net somewhere. Be very selective about what you put up.
  2. Delete old profiles: Remember Friendster? How about Black Planet? Are you a member of Tagged? If you are trying to erase the past, be sure you erase old profiles.
  3. Do not send risque pictures in any manner: Men and women feel the need to take ‘artistic’ photographs to woo the person they are dating. Once that picture is transmitted electronically, it becomes public. If you do not believe me, trying searching ‘my black teen revenge’. When you send a picture by text or email, it is transmitted through a number of servers and every person that sees it now has a copy.

The less dirt you leave out there for people to their digital hands on, the less you have to worry about someone using something as innocent as a flirtatious picture as a weapon.

Censor yourself before someone exposes you for your errors.

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