Sometimes, You Need To Be Forced To Leave


I have worked jobs I would have never left no matter how broke it would have left me.

I have been in relationships that left me more broken than whole at the end of it all.

I have started ventures not worth the time/money/emotion/effort it took to start it.


I am human.


Often times we are given chances to get on the path we should have merged onto life miles ago. 

Every experience we go through we should learn from it; sadly often times we doubt if what we learned in the past really stuck.

Many times we simply cannot take that leap of faith unless pushed to do so.

The family I recently helped find a wonderful home was so use to renting that when the typical issues came up in the home buying search they considered renting. 


Fear and uncertainty makes you appreciate your prize.


 Sometimes you have to do what you have never done to get what you have always wanted.


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